Ciao Possums!

This is just to let you know what I am up to, and to welcome any newcomers.

In 2011 my heart went out to the people of Vernazza who suffered the tragic flood of 25th Oct. Only the month before I had bought my little beach retreat in San Bernardino just above Vernazzza so saw the whole place swallowed in mud and debris from day one. I joined a non profit organisation Save Vernazza  established almost immediately to help rebuild, restore and preserve the town and the territory.

In 2013 Save Vernazza began a new project in conjunction with Busabout and the Treadright foundation whereby young tourists spend time working in the terraces, helping to rebuild the dry stone walls, clearing abandoned land, and tending vines with local landowners. “Even paradise needs a gardener – Turisti nei Cian”

I have proudly been involved in this project and while it is only a very small step towards the restoration of the area it has created a lot of interest and the tourists have gone on their way, tired and dirty, but happy to feel they  contributed to the restoration process. They have been fantastic! (See Busabout video in links)

Of course I am still available to help plan any personal trip and accompany you while you are here, since I know Italy so well after 15 years of touring.

For the time being writing the book about my years on tour has gone on a back burner ( some of you will sigh with relief!). Here you will find posts on some of the curiosities I have discovered about the Cinque Terre, together with old and new stories about Tuscany and beyond.

Happy reading!                        Sue Jane

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