Run out of Steam

Arrivederci Possums!

This will be my last post as I think it’s time to say goodbye and close the website – An Aussie in Italy. The pandemic has changed my life as I am sure yours, pushing mePainting by Numbers back to study online and paint by numbers! Understandably it has restricted my interests and curtailed my travels so I have little to recount now in a blog post. I have learnt a lot from the blog and it has been great to share it with you.

Italy is beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel as restrictions are being lifted, restaurants, theatres and museums reopen and possibly pools and gyms in June. Vaccinations continue and currently around 22% of the population have been done up to date, but it will still be a long haul before life returns to ‘normal’

So this Aussie in Italy sincerely thanks you all for following my journey over the years. A special thank you to those who traveled with me, and with whom I have traveled, they were such fun times.                                                                                                Wishing you all the best and happy travels in the future.

Stay Covid safe                                                                                                              Kind Regards                                                                                                                      SueFlorence sunset


12 thoughts on “Run out of Steam

  1. Thanks Sue
    I have enjoyed your blog and will miss it, but good luck with your next ventures.

    Kerry Close (nee Marks)

  2. Thankyou Sue, both for being part of my travel journeys, & for re-kindling my love of Italy with your blogs. I have loved being drawn into the everyday parts of your life & environment. It’s been an enriching experience. Covid has changed all our lives. I wish you good health & many more happy journeys . Cheers, Barb Goldstraw.

  3. Sue I have enjoyed learning more about life in Italy and remembering a lovely holiday through your interesting blogs. I understand that all good things come to an end some time. Keep safe and enjoy whatever the future brings.

  4. Thank you Sue for these blogs. I only started following a couple of years ago after being in Cinque Terra and a friend who was hiking alone met you and kept saying…I met this woman and she was sooo cool. I forward some of your blogs to the group I was traveling with. We were originally in Italy for a bike tour out of Donoratico and did a side trip for a few days to CT. I have loved reading these and even moreso, please know, you helped me get through this C-19 pandemic by having a true voice (not the mainstream news) of what was truly going on in another part of the world. Best to you and yes…this has changed us all. I do hope to travel internationally again…hopefully next year when the hoards of others travel too. 🙂 Thank you!!!! Michele

    • Such a lovely comment Michele, I appreciate it. I think we are all looking forward to traveling again, it always broadens the mind and you never know who you might meet!

  5. Susie, thankyou for your wonderful blogs, and your passion for sharing so many interesting things. We have travelled with you and are forever amazed at your meticulous planning, and your warmth and sincerity to those you make contact with. stay safe, calm and happy.

  6. Sorry to hear you’re signing off from your wonderful blog which we’ve both enjoyed immensely. Thank you for guiding us on 2 excellent tours which brought us varied insights and experiences beyond the usual tourist offerings – still remembering the fabulous food at Bagno Vignoni and the sheer joy of the opera dei pupi in Sicily. Wishing you many new and exciting adventures ahead. Ciao
    Heather & Roger Stewart

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