A raging hell – Australian bushfires

Kangaroo in firesHow can I start the year without recognising the tragedy of the Australian bushfires, still so vivid in many people’s minds…..even as far away as Italy!  And still burning in some areas from what we hear. The apocalyptic images that flashed on Tv screens and social networks over the past months seemed surreal and unbelievable. Distressing to watch from afar, tragic beyond words for anyone living there. An horrific raging hell.

Australian firefighters, Nowra NSWLots of stories of solidarity and generosity, communities helping each other as well as animals found badly burned. Firefighter heroes continuing the battle beyond exhaustion amid locals and tourists all helping out.

My dear old friend Robert Wade – well known Watercolour artist, doing his bit in fundraising for the Bushfire victims, is only one example alongside many others, showing the generosity and caring that is part of the ‘Aussie‘ community.

My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones, their homes, their community and natural surroundings. I know a lot of solidarity has been shown worldwide with donations, petitions and actions – like the 400 koala mittens flown in from Holland. It has shaken us all and certainly expats have been watching events closely.


The bushfires will remain an indelible black memory in Australian history.  May we have learnt something from it and be able to make the appropriate changes to deter any future episodes of this scale.

Ps Apologies for the lack of photo credits but photos of the fires were taken from newspaper reports and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital website.



2 thoughts on “A raging hell – Australian bushfires

  1. Hi Sue
    Lovely story about the Dutch koala mittens and bat pouches. This is the worst summer Australia has ever experienced. After the mass destruction of the bush and its creatures I don’t think we’ll ever be the same again. Perhaps the only good to come out of it all is we’re showing the rest of the world what their future will be if no real action taken on carbon emissions and global warming. Australia finally leading by example!!
    Heather Stewart, Canberra

    • It has been ghastly to watch it from here Heather. Certainly it got the world talking but I fear the response to global warming will remain far too slow. Too many of the wrong players holding the power.

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