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Street artist Clet  has been transforming street signs and making them his artwork. As you wander  Florence an ‘Angel’ may point the way or an ‘Egyptian’ help you cross the road!

For the past few years Clet Abraham has been altering traffic signs with easily removable stickers, in the dead of night, and repositioning his fibreglass statue of the Common Man on the bridge across the Arno – Ponte alle Grazie.Statue Common ManClet steet artist









Clet  is a gorgeous French artist from the Bretagne region, who’s been living in Florence for the past 20 years or more. He has a little studio across the Arno on the corner of Via dell’Olmo 8r and a very strong following amongst locals. As can be imagined he has been fined more than once for his street art and his Common Man was even confiscated for a while by the local Council. It has now reappeared on the bridge and thankfully looks like it is here to stay.

His street signs are clever; a mix of fun and tongue in cheek, political and topical. And they take you quite by surprise as you turn a corner or drive past. They appear in other Italian and European cities as Clet travels around, although more rife in his hometown. Artist sign  street sign Florence artistClet heart

Clet carpenter





Clet was touched when locals, being so fond of the Common Man, organised a petition to bring it back and a collection to cover his fine. And likewise he is very fond of his adopted city, Florence, and his art respectful, as it does not damage or appear overly intrusive, yet leaves you thinking, or having a chuckle. Clet street sign

Abraham Clet

Abraham Clet artist

Clet Florence artist



Clet street sign















Common Man 2



“The Common Man” he said “ represents the exact moment all of us face before making a decision”….. which path to take?





Find out more about this “before, during and after Artist” and let his adorable accent captivate you in  An interview with Clet by



At Clet studio

“Oh God! Another f—ing writer!



The street signs are not the only work he does, as can be seen in his studio, but  are what has made him notorious.Clet studio


Clet Coffee pots












To see more, follow him on facebook and next time you’re in Florence, keep an eye on the signs as you just never know when Clet has been out!Streetsigns





Clet signsupporting the king














Ps Sadly Clet’s Common Man was damaged by vandals on Saturday and badly bent and his arm broken. He has been taken away to the Florence police station.             Such a mindless action!Staue damaged








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    • We still have our own quota of mindless vandalism going on too unfortunately, but Clet’s work is great and I know I am always on the look out for any new signs.

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