Merry Xmas and Happy New Year !

Merry XmasWishing you all a





It’s time to take a break, and I’m off to Australia for Xmas to catch up with family and old friends and soak up some sun. From there, on a fascinating trip to Myanmar for a couple of weeks, which I may even squeeze in as a blog as I am sure the photos will be amazing. Then back to some snow here in Italy at the end of January.

So all of you have a lovely Festive Season and a Happy and Healthy 2014!

Baci Sue xx

Ps Despite the economic crisis Florence still put up her Christmas lights and I did a wander and took these photos for you.Christmas lights






Christmas lights (3)


Cathedral Christmasvia Por S Maria









Xmas lights (2)




Street decorations

Xmas lights








Christmas lights



Florence Xmas

Florence Street










Christmas timeOverview Florence


Santa Croce and Duomo


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