Don’t go down the plug hole!

This is really a possums only odd spot, and just to take your mind off the coming election. Does or doesn’t the water go down the plug hole in the reverse when you are in Italy as to Australia?

Image courtesy of Winnond

Image courtesy of Winnond

How many times has that question been asked, how many Science shows, ‘Quark’, Richard Attenborough and the like dedicated time to the matter. Yesterday my local radio station overwhelmed me with facts, figures and formulas – the earth turns at an incredible speed. Where we sit, be it Italy or Australia it’s turning at a mind-boggling pace of 750km per hour, while around the equator something like 1200km per hour or more! The science expert gave the analogy of being on a merry-go-round trying to throw a ball into the centre. The ball just won’t go in and bounces out from the spin. By this stage of the radio show I was getting a little dizzy and thought it was time I got off.Image courtesy of Bjwok                             Image courtesy of BJWOK

However it IS TRUE but he warned, “Don’t expect to be able to test it out in the hotel bathroom sink, as there are too many variables that can affect the outcome” –

  • the sink may be too small,
  • or maybe the plug hole is,
  • or you may bump the sink,
  • how you pulled the plug out,
  • how many stars your hotel has,
  • how many G+T’s  you may have drunk,
  • if your Italian plumbing is working, and/or if YOU know HOW it works anyhow
  • if you remember which way the water went down the plug hole at home,
  • if you remember why you’re staring in the sink anyway!

How do you feel? Queasy, uneasy? Trust me, it does go down in the reverse (because the scientist on radio convinced me) but it’s probably easier to go and vote….and if you don’t come from Down Under you don’t even need to worry……Buon bagno!



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