As one door closes another opens

Door 1It was January, 2012 and freezing, when around 50 artists came from all over Italy to doo12 give colour and warmth back to the community of Vernazza. Locals and volunteers with the help of State, regional and council workers had dug out the buildings from the 4m of mud and debris and the road to recovery was on its way.

But those ground floor premises would need time to dry out, they needed rewiring, new plumbing and floors. It would take at least 6months before most of the shops, restaurants, cafes, banks and door 3post office reopened.

In the interim they had to be secure, so temporary doors were put in place and the artists gave them life and personality, a lightness and brightness to what had for so door 4long soaked in the colour of mud. A favourite of mine was the door left half done, as the artist had got too cold and scribbled a note to say he would be back!

Now they are no longer as the renovations have finished and each premise boasts Door 8a new solid door, hard to see as trading is fierce in peak season and most doors only close late in the evenings.

But the memory lives on in my little beach retreat as photos of all the doors decorate my kitchen wall.


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