Parking bumper to boat in the Cinque Terre

Fishing boatsItalian drivers, don’t you love’em?  I do, but then I’m used to them and as my sister in law said “you drive like an Italian!” This was probably dangerous as I was driving in Melbourne after 20 years absence!

But this is not about their driving; it’s about their brilliant, creative parking methods as well. And as you saunter around the little villages of the Cinque Terre you’ll find they park their boats the same way….bumper to bumper.Fishing boats Vernazza

The photos are from the summertime, and when the sea is rough the colourful  fishing boats are hauled up, away from danger to fill the piazza and the main streets with the same nonchalance that they would use if parking a car. The space is limited and it’s bumper to bumper. The rest of the day is then spent watching the waves crash over the barrier! Rough weather VernazzaAnd even when the sea is not rough the boats line the street or sit close to the water’s edge ready to slip in for another days’ fishing or make a handy spot for the local cats to preen themselves and soak up the sunshine.

Those who don’t fish on a daily basis, take the boat home and as there’s no garage, park it on the terrace! Fishing Boat garage

House boat





Or creatively use the shark boat as a scarecrow (?? ) near my little village of San Bernardino. I have my doubts as to how effective that is!Shark boat

Wherever they park, these delightful boats are as much are part of the beauty of the villages as the mottled tower houses that keep a watchful eye on them.

Fishing boats (2)

All this talk of fishing boats has made me hungry, time to join my friends for lunch!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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