On a magic carpet ride to Iran

My visa came through today so I am off to Iran for 2 weeks tomorrow!

Persian carpet

1880 Riding a Flying Carpet – Viktor Vasnetsov

I have made my own coverall jacket  and have been practising various veil techniques that cover both hair and neck, and that don’t slip off!

The tour is to cover the major sights of Iran, ancient mosques and shrines, archaeological sites, including a hike across the desert amongst the sand castles of Kerman. I’m expecting exotic architecture, elaborate decorations, colourful bazaars, and friendly people. We start in Tehran and move on to Esfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz and Persepolis and there will definitely be a post on it on my return!

Iran map

Reproduced with permission from Lonely Planet. © Lonely Planet, 2011




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